About MAC

Moneta Athletic Club (MAC) opened its doors in downtown Moneta May 1st, 2018 with a vision to be more than just a gym. 

Since inception, Moneta Athletic Club (MAC) has been guided by a sense of community. Driven with a mission of health and wellness , MAC brings this to the forefront of our local SML family’s hearts & minds.

How did this come to fruition you ask? 

One day, a small group of wellness fanatics got together. They discussed the idea of providing a space that would promote healthy living in our SML community.  They formed a board of directors. Also, they aligned their sights to provide programs and a workout environment.

MAC’s aim? Serve everyone in our community.

After much research & discussion about its future members’ needs, 3 trucks brought new and gently-used equipment to the facility. And the workouts began!  With the support of its growing members, new programs are being added regularly to serve our youth, adults, and seniors.